Flying Water Series

The "FLYER" 
Multifunctional Helicopter Water Tank



  • Filling Back Pack Tanks
  • Potable Water
  • Foam Retardants
  • Extinguishing Duff Embers
  • Small/Light Pumps
  • Gravity Feed Reservoirs
  • Potable Water Fabric is Available (Part No. FDA72/FDA134)
Design Features:
  • Pyramid Shape Blivets
  • Heavy Duty (PVC) Vinyl
  • Transportable by Helicopter or Truck

Part No. 72F
Part No. 134F
72 U.S. Gal. 134 U.S. Gal.

60 IMP. Gal.
270 Liters

110 IMP. Gal.
510 Liters
Dimensions: Dimensions:
21" x 20" x 8" /
53 x 51 x 20cm
19" x 26" x 4.5" /
48 x 66 x 12cm
45"W x 39"H/
114 x 100cm

53"W x 43"H/
135 x 110cm

Empty weight 10lbs./5 kg Empty weight 12lbs./6 kg
Discharge - 1" Hose with 3/4" Spigot Discharge - 1" Hose with 3/4" Spigot
Filler - 4" Diameter Filler - 4" Diameter


Flyer 200 & 300
525 and 600 Gallon Also Available

Shown filled with water. Shown without water. Air pressure testing.



  • Tank bladder constructed from heavy duty industrial polymer.
  • The webbed harness is made from a durable nylon webbing and a forged cargo ring is attached with Kevlar thread.
  • 4" fill port
  • 1.5" ball valve
  • NSF approved potable water fabric is available
  • 525 and 600 gallon also available


Part No. Flyer 200 Flyer 300
Weight Filled: 2030 lbs.(919kg) 3100 lbs.(1400kg)
Collapsed Dim.: 27"x29"x8" 30"x32"x12"
Fill Port: 4" 4"
Outlet: 1.5" Ball Valve 1.5" Ball Valve
Weight Empty: 25 lbs.(12kg) 35 lbs.(16kg)
Capacity: 240 gallons, 900L, 200IMP 360 gallons. 1360L, 300IMP


Inspection of Fol-Da-Tank “Flyers”


1.      Before/After each flight use: Inspect all heat sealed seams for any tears.

2.      Inspect all stitching of the harness for any loose stitching.

3.      Inspect the dropped forged aluminum choker delta rings.   (Rated at 40,000 lbs.)

4.      Inspect the dropped forged “D” rings (rated at 5,000 lbs.each) or grab handles placed on the side of the tank bladder.

5.      Inspect the 4” fill cap on top of the tank. (or a PVC flange if requested on the tank)

6.      The flyer tank should be stress tested regularly by hanging the bladder from an engine hoist that is rated for the water weight, or a helicopter can raise the tank for aerial inspection.

7.      Consider replacing the Flyer tank after 3-4 years of use.  This is if the tank has be use often.

8.      Warranty is for 2 (two) years from purchase date.  Warranty includes: all heat sealed seams, and fabric UV delamination.  We only use the best quality fabrics and parts for this type of tank!!

9.      Emergency patch kits are available.

10.  Always store flyer tanks indoors in a clean dry area free of rodents and pests.

11.  For 72 & 134 gallon flyers: Inspect all hose and connection outlets.

*Always refer to the Helicopter Load Calculation and Manifest section of the Interagency Helicopter Operactons Guide. 

CAUTION!  If the tank has been subjected to fire, immediate inspection is required!!

Testing of 72, 134, 200 & 300 gallon flyers before shipping to customer:

1.      When cutting the fabric all fabric is inspected for imperfections

2.      After the bladder is completed we inspect all heat sealed seams.

3.      Inspection of webbing and hardware is done before assembly.

4.      After completion of the bladder we air pressure test for any leaks

5.      Hydro testing of bladders is done to see if there is any leaking.

6.      The bladder is now cleaned and dried for shipment.

7.      At each stage employees must initial their part of the assembly before shipping.

8.      Maintenance, cleaning and warranty instructions are included with every tank.




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