Folding Frame Collapsible Tank
Single Lane Tank
Self-Supporting Tank (Fire Dept. Model)
Self-Supporting Tank (Forest Service Model)
Rol-La-Tank Type II
Aluminum Threaded Flange Coupling
Pillow Tanks
Hose Stand
The Flyer
Relay Storage Tank
DBL-HI® Tank
Quick Assemble DBL-HI®
Decontamination Pool
Mini Dam
Repair Kits 

Folding Frame Collapsible Tank - with pinch free design (Canadian patent #2624553, U.S. patent #7,938,291) FOL-DA-TANKS folding frame portable water tanks are designed for rural areas where water is difficult to supply.  FOL-DA-TANK collapsible tanks double the firefighting capability at the fire scene.  New Hinge Protector (patent pending) helps prevent pinching of hands and fingers when folding the tank.  The hinge protectors are a standard feature on all folding framed tanks.  Another standard feature are grab handles that are placed on the side wall of the liner.  The grab handles help the firefighter pick up the liner when folding.  Hinge protectors and grab handles are also sold separately as add on kits.  (NFPA 1142 Compliant, GSA Approved)

Single Lane Tank - The Single Lane Tank™ facilitates maximum flow rates for water AND water tender traffic.  Two or more of our SLT™ 2000 tanks will give you maximum capacity on the ground without affecting the opposite lane of traffic.  The SLT™ is a must for narrow rural roads having little or no shoulder!

Self-Supporting Frameless Portable Water Tank Fire Dept. Model  (ONION AND PUMPKIN STYLE)This self-supporting water tank meets the most stringent requirements when storage and manpower are at a premium.  (NFPA 1142 Compliant, GSA Approved)

Self-Supporting Frameless Portable Water Tank Forest Model  (ONION AND PUMPKIN STYLE)
This self-supporting tank is designed for use in remote areas for water relay and helicopter dip buckets.  (GSA Approved)

Rol-La-Tank has the advantages of a framed tank with the mobility of a self supporting tank.  (GSA Approved)

Rol-La-Tank Type II®
Rol-La Tank Type II is a quick assembe relay storage tank to provide temporary storage of liquids in remote areas.      

Aluminum Threaded Flange Coupling
The exclusive almag flanges are mounted on all self-supporting tanks.  Designed to machine to any thread choice.  NST male or female are standard.  Kits available to mount on any make or model portalbe water tank.  (GSA Approved)

Pillow Tanks for Potable Water or Gray Water Storage
 (PILLOW and BLADDER STYLE DESIGN)This pillow style design is excellent for water shuttle and storage use for mobile showers in remote areas.

 Hard Suction Hose Support Stand
This light weight hose support stand is fully adjustable to use with self-supporting tanks and Rol-La-Tanks.

"FLYER" Multifunctional Helicopterable Water Tank
This blivet is ideal for transporting water to remote areas.  When attached to a mini pump it gives fire fighters the ability to put out burning duff.  (GSA Approved)

Relay/Storage Tank
Complies with U.S. Forest Service specification 345.  The pyramid design lets the tank stand on uneven ground.   (GSA Approved)

DBL-HI®Special 5 foot high steel frame designed for helicopter dip buckets.   (GSA Approved)

Quick Assemble DBL-HI®
This tank can be transported by helicopter or truck into remote areas for easy set up.  (GSA Approved)

Decontamination Pool
Designed to place decon showers inside pool.  Also used to decon equipment.

For use along with forestry pumps and other hazardous containment.  (GSA Approved)

Tank Repair Kits
For general repair of Fol-Da-Tanks.

Portable Water Tank Sizes

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